May 29, 2017

of gays, tudung and Islam

it seems like more and more people are coming to join the bandwagon of this legitamise things that are not suppose to be. in other words, making haram things halal. first with the aurat covering issue and then it extends to being gay, homosexual while being a practicing muslim. i mean, one of the basic principles of being a muslim is to stay a far and leave the things that He had clearly ruled and do our obligations and what are being told by Him.

i think it is quite easy to brain; you are practically disobeying Him if you are not following the commandments, which means, you are practically not a good follower. of course, it is okay to sin. people sin differently and it is up to Him and only Him to judge the sinner but to say such huge obligations and responsibilities as if it is nothing and viewing it like some sort of miniature is definitely dumb from my pov. such matters are already clearly being ruled down in the Quran. Quran told those things are monolithic negligence and if one to continue to do so, the answers are already been told; you are making a beeline to hell.

people should really stop twisting the words of the Quran for their own gain. to get away from the sins, simply bring up some verses from the Holy Book and simply jump to conclusions, come up with their own verdict, come up with their own version of the tafsir. they made it look so simple, as if studying the Quran is as easy as studying your books on the shelves, as easy as studying the magazines on the tables! really, even the scholars find it hard to interpret the words of Allah. even the Fatihah itself as said by the scholars hasn't yet been tafsir fully by mankind. i paraphrase what Nouman Ali Khan said, "the tafsir of the Fatihah is the rest of the book. you see, it not really easy to interpret the Quran as the book uses another level of Arabic and you have got to master the high level Arabic to be eligible to be a tafsir.

and another thing to mention, studying the knowledge of the faith, requires a teacher. it requires face to face learning sessions so that you will be less likely to be misguided as the prophet told. you are to have Satan as your teacher if to study the knowledge on your own. and also, have as many teachers as you can in doing so. then you will minimise the possibility of derailing from the correct meanings and interpretations. and your teachers should be acknowledge by other certified and reliable scholars and ustadhs. those things are the basic rules and adab of studying the knowledge of the faith and those rules are not made by people like us, those are the teaching of the Prophet (PBUH).

as much as we all love liberation, we should never forget that we are all, only servants of Allah SWT. the word servant itself pretty much explains, we are by all means, are limited. we can go as far but to never cross the limits and boundaries. astronauts can go only as high as they could go without the suits and gears.

to question the rulings of Allah is okay, encouraged even by Him. Allah never really 'mad' when Iblis questioned Him on why is it they have to bow to Adam A.S. we need to be curious, question things, so that we know, so that we don't be any of those followers who blindly follow the teachings of Islam. but again, to question things, should have the proper way of doing it. try listen to what Nouman Ali Khan said in his lecture 'Ask with Humility'. he stated some guides on how to questions Allah's ruling in order for us to better comprehend the reasons He did so.

really, i have no problems at all with the LGBT community and those who still have problems of covering the aurat as guided by the Book. to me, they are still in the dark and don't really understand on some things. but to me it seems rude and a little bit too much to simply twist the word of Allah and come up with their own version of the teachings and understanding. we all should know better. anyhow, we should not simply be making haram things halal.

Allah knows best.

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