April 28, 2018

just another musing

something that is cancerous and destroying for ourselves can always be discarded from us if our will power is strong enough to get rid of them. one of the ways is imagining how things would be when those cancerous entities aren't there anymore, and picturing how your life per say would be so much greater and be as you wished it was. the thing is to look at the final outcome you want to achieve and always think about it to let yourself be driven and motivated to strive towards successfully accomplishing it.

then when you are there, it would be no sin at all to ponder and dwell what had prevailed on you back in the past. it is okay to be proud and see how much you have achieved and grew over time. such act would give you the sensation of satisfaction as well as sort of give yourself a pat in the back, appreciating what you have achieved for yourself. but always need to remember that pondering upon them for some extensive peroid could actually sunk you back in to the blackhole you managed to escape from. it lures you to be complacent with what you had accomplished so far and without noticing, putting your growth rate at a form of diminishing return. or even worse, bottomed out flat.

henceforth, you ultimate goal is what is it you must always keep your head occupied with. negative thoughts results in negative productivity and affects your performance to go towards the drains. think positive and work on the goals. it is all about your goals, goals, goals!

February 27, 2018


conversations upon conversations, they even had deep talks to the depth of the oceans. revealing what it seems to be their true self. miles and miles of details are traded, countless laughs, tears even their wildest musings are shared upon together. yet, they still can't manage to portray their true stamps. say all you want that they are legit and valid but really, come to think of it, those are covered upon layers of self control. letting their behaviours inhibitory controlled, regulating their emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses. simple terms, letting the other side see only what you want them to see. what you see may be deceiving. truth lies beneath the skin.

undoubtedly, those are merely superficial affection
and this is also merely my demure opinion.
or just another onion lol.

November 23, 2017

how do we incinerate memories?

i believe, we humans can never be able to make anything that exists be completely go, poof! we can't really make them gone as if those things were never there in essence.

everything, (well, excluding those in regard with the characteristics of the higher powers) are tied to each other isnt it? something exists in predecess of something else. a baby exists from the engagement of two creatures. the car was moved by the forces in the drivetrain which came from the pumping pistons which was powered by the combustion of air and fuel. sounds are produced due to the superposing waves which would not be heard of if there is no air at all in the game. you wouldnt be here in the first place if it wasnt for your previous actions. you got the point i presume.

that being said, if we were to destroy, obliterate, eradicate something, it would not be possible since there would still be something related to it which would still be a reason for the main thing to be recalled to exist. so anything can never be completely destroyed to no particle at all but can rather be moved or put a far away to let them have no purpose. or is it?

back to square one, how do we incinerate memories?

November 05, 2017

going back so

there is so much going on,
we neglected those little details.
there is so much going on,
we are so unaware what is around.
there is so much going on,
we forget who we are.

things going on in rapid,
we stopped contemplating.
things going on in rapid,
subconscious pilot.
things going on in rapid,
heart wants what it wants.

going on for the win,
we start losing light.
going on for the win,
dying on the inside, alongside.
going on for the win,
the roots are coming off!

October 23, 2017

logic and truth

elements of truth are there
as well as logic.

things to be thought of are there
so do facts.

vague and unclear are to look for
apparent is what we can't see.

fundamentals stays fundamentals
yet the twin is played around with.

logic and truth

October 01, 2017


streams of waters so calm
whites of the doves so pure
chirps of the twitters so mellow
elegance of the swans so graceful

possess pure intentions of the predators
keeps a brick of ice behind the brestbones
could rupture this engineering marvel down to ground.
could raze hopes for myriad more blissful journeys
hanging it without them magic lasso.

be careful what you wished for.

July 20, 2017


three things escort a man up until the journey transits into another chapter;
beginning from the moment he breathes his first breath,
the demoting journey of his burial
and the journey to the hereafter.

what follows until the very last breath, is his belongings in the world.
then what follows until he sits in the grave is the family
and what follow until hereafter are his deeds.

(Mukashafah al-Qulub, Imam al-Ghazali)