March 30, 2017

out of control

one of the possible reasons of why people are in stress, or relatively depressed and in agony would be the inability to acquire what they have been wanting. by means, things are not going as they had planned. say you want people to love you, adore you as much as they could, but it went totally the opposite, doubtless, contrary in scad. now that hurts ineptly, i know.

but come to think of it, it is normal if things are not going as what we had planned and it is absolutely okay to messed up sometimes. because in life, we should never expect things to go as we had planned all the time. let we planned all utterly perfect even, consider all possible worst case scenarios, our covets could still come to a failure, busted. expectations are truly dangerous. qadr, the predestination of measurements and sustenance of everything and everyone, according to His knowledge and wisdom is obviously not ours. one might say, good things always happen to bad people and bad things (or what we think are bad) happens to good people. we are not capable (knowledge wise) to decide good or bad over these things. qadr is not for us. it is not our job even. we are not as wise as He is the Wisest of all. doesn't matter how much power and authority you have, you don't and will not have the ultimate power over some things.

there are actually things we cannot control, there are things in life that are beyond us. there is a power beyond our power. we all do not possess and will never have the ultimate power and that, is actually a divine mercy from Him. if to choose a spouse is already difficult and arduous, imagine having to decide which country you would be born in. imagine, having to decide who is your mother, who is your father. imagine, having to decide the day your most loved would depart. that is truly beyond our power and knowledge. who could possibly know when is it the right moment? such these critical decisions are meant to be out of our hands, out of our capabilities since we are from square one are limited. again, there are power beyond our power.

He truly had made it easy for us. Much mercy from Him had anticipate us from having to decide the critical decisions that we our self do not know if it is the best for us. bottom line, the moment we understand and realise that there are things that we cannot control, the happier we become and will later be able to taste the gist of happiness. certainly, able to find that joy we be after. have your utmost faith on Him as He is after all, the Wisest of all. care less, smile more ;)

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