January 07, 2017


the irony of those who care so much and want to know the most about others is that they themselves are ultimately concealed and discreet about themselves. to share their thoughts and beliefs, their problems and dilemmas is totally on the other side of the coin. they are the black-hole near the Gargantua.

what is actually the reason behind mass majority of us being absolutely private with one another? one could be extremely private to not let themself be seen as vulnerable and critical to others. for the lack of better words, ego might be governing the thoughts of them. as if, to express their problems and dilemmas, would put them into a spot where they are weak and incapable of handling things themselves. mighty they may not be and anemic should they become if they do so.

perhaps another acumen to the topic is lacking the assurance towards others. assurances to have the considerations from the others once theirs are given. i mean, people open up to have some counselings and consultations to the disputes they are currently facing. simply opening up to everyone would again be risky as mentioned earlier, causing them to expose their vulnerability, weaknesses out in the wild. bottom line, people tend to not disclose themselves to others as they ought to feel that someone would not be beneficiary and would never be able to confer them for some answers. hence, the case here is lack of trust.

you see, confronting your problems by yourself usually results in you being tangled further into your problems. say you are in a maze, looking for the exit route. you can find the way out by your own for sure by using the trial and error method for example but oh boy it is very time consuming. imagine having an eagle eye from up above. you will find your way out in no time. we should look things in different perspectives. as many as we can for the better results. how is it possible for a failed methodology to be lucrative to the same exact complication? using the same exact failed method over and over again and hoping for a fruitful outcome is somehow stupid. imo, to do a mistake is okay. but to purposely repeat the learned mistake over and over again is fairly stupid. have yourself as much eagles as possible. the wider the perspective, the better the outcome and the aftermath.

but coming down from the mentioned assumed reason of why people disclose themselves, opening up should always be towards someone who is very much trustworthy. have with yourself one loyal confidant. opening up to everyone is rash. not everyone is able to confine your vulnerability. not everyone would promise to not use your liability against you. and not everyone would keep their words. ergo, you should know for yourself who should you trust.

i may not have the facts to rest my thoughts onto so take only what you think it's right. cheers!

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